Why Partner with us?

 The chamber is a great way to support your community and county. At the same time partnering with the chamber provides a number of concrete ways to help you increase your exposure to potential customers and build your business.
Being in partnership means:
  • You'll be involved in the promotion, cultivation of change and growth of our area.

  • You'll have a voice in the decisions and ideas being addressed by the Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture.

  • Your interests as a business or organization will be represented.

  • Come to the meetings, join a committee, work on a project.

  • For the direct referrals and recommendations given preferentially to chamber members.

  • Because you benefit from all that the chamber does for Beaverhead County.

  • Your membership investment is tax-deductible as a business expense and it helps insure that the chamber is able to function as a business partner to all businesses in Beaverhead County…and helps the chamber carry out the MANY day-to-day activities, events and projects done for the benefit of all.

  • You'll have an opportunity to serve on one of our working committees including tourism, community affairs and fundraising and events.

What does it do for you, your business, community and county?
  • Promotes Beaverhead County through activities that increase awareness of its many diverse businesses and resources.

  • Promotes a good public image for business and industry.

  • Promotes a positive community attitude.

  • Promotes membership involvement in the community.

  • Promotes tourism in an effort to enhance the economy of Beaverhead County.

  • Promotes business contacts for members through recommendations, referrals, and placement of brochures and business cards at the chamber/Visitor Information Center.

  • Informational clearinghouse for Beaverhead County and the State of Montana providing information via mail, phone, Internet, vacation and relocation packets.

  • Representation statewide specifically Gold West Country, Discover Montana, Travel Montana and 101 Things to Do in Southwestern Montana.