Dillon sunset (Rebich Lane)
Dillon Skate Park

Area Info

Distinguished as the largest in Montana, Beaverhead County includes 5,551 square miles of diverse geography including 30 square miles of waterway. Larger than the state of Connecticut, the county is home to less than 10,000 residents.


Beaverhead County cities include Dillon, the county seat, and Lima, as well as the communities of Argenta, Bannack, Dell, Dewey, Glen, Grant, Elkhorn, Jackson, Lakeview, Monida, Polaris, Wisdom and Wise River. Geologic features, abundant recreational opportunities, a rich cultural history and a wide array of events and activities make the county a very attractive destination for a vacation or a lifetime.


Beaverhead County area is unique in that it is both cold and dry. Precipitation varies widely. Average annual amounts range from 10 inches in Dillon to over 50 inches in mountains forming the Continental Divide to the west. Two-thirds of precipitation in mountains is snow.


Average Temperatures: January 21°F; July 66°F


Normal frost free days for Dillon is 99. Cloudy weather rarely exceeds more than several days.


Community Concert Series, community theater, professional theater, community band and orchestra, Shakespeare in the Park, The University of Montana Western Art Gallery, Lunch in the Park series, Southwest Montana Arts Council.


One county high school and one elementary/middle school in Dillon, six rural schools K-8, K-12 in Lima.


The University of Montana Western is located in Dillon offering four-year degrees in a wide variety of areas. Montana Western is the only U.S. public university offering Experience One — where students are on the Block One Schedule.  www.umwestern.edu #experienceone