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PO Box 177
Wisdom MT 59761

BIG HOLE BREEZES of Greater Big Hole Valley! Big Hole Breezes first started in 1899, in Jackson, Montana. Author Bertha A. Francis described the impact of the paper on the valley like this: "Thus, did the Breezes blow in season and out of season, for the good of the valley, to record the marriages, the births, and the deaths, the dances and parties, the school picnics, the joys and sorrows, the everyday happenings that make up the life of a people." Shortly thereafter, the offices moved to Wisdom. Over the years the name changed to Big Hole Basin News, and the Wisdom Times.

Modern day efforts...In 2019, a group of ladies from Jackson, Wisdom, and Wise River got together and re-birthed the newspaper, using the original name, "Big Hole Breezes." How we do it...Big Hole Breezes is an endeavor put together by volunteers from various communities in the Big Hole Valley. Currently we offer a printed mailed edition, as well as a digital version on a monthly basis. Day-to-day information is posted on the Local Breeze/Big Hole Valley Facebook pages. You can find us at Serving: Glen, Melrose, Divide, Dewey, Wise River, Polaris, Jackson, and Wisdom. Our mission is to promote healthy communities and businesses by fostering cooperative efforts between individuals, businesses, and community groups to generate interest, activity, and door swings!

Dillon Tribune.jpg


31 S. Idaho St.
Dillon, MT 59725

The Dillon Tribune is a weekly newspaper serving Beaverhead and western Madison Counties. 

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KBEV logo.jpg


610 N. Montana St.
Dillon, MT 59725

Whether you are looking for the Beavers, the Bulldogs, the Cubs or the Falcons, we have you covered. Broadcasting in Beaverhead and Madison Counties.



126 N. Montana St.
Dillon, MT 59725

In Dillon and Southwestern Montana, there are few icons like the Dillonite Daily. Started in the 80's, it has continued through the years. Some people love the Dillonite Daily, others not so much. Either way, it gets read. That is why we are presenting it here as a service to the people of Dillon and the surrounding area.


SWMT News logo.JPG


34 N. Idaho St.
Dillon, MT 59725

Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

We are your locally owned News Source in Dillon and Southwestern Montana. Our goal at Southwestern Montana News is to provide a free, easy to access site for the community to unite and provide information on. We encourage all of southwestern Montana to collaborate as we cover Beaverhead County, as well as Twin Bridges, Sheridan and most of the Ruby Valley. We would love to hear about any upcoming events, local happenings and news, as we are wanting to get the word out as soon as possible. As the site develops, we hope to include lots of photo, video and live feed. As technology allows, so shall we adapt. The future is now! 


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